How To Give Your Book Wings

A Self-Publishing Guide

To write a book is an amazing feat. It takes will, brain power, gallons of coffee and usually some angst. But your story is finally told. Your wisdom is beautifully laid out in a manuscript. So what’s next?

Many authors dream of securing a publishing deal that will see their books in high street bookshops, airports and even featured in magazines and on radio. However, the majority of those authors will not get to the hallowed grounds of a traditional publisher. Luckily, technology has made it possible for writers to self-publish their books and find readership online and in real life.

How To Give Your Book Wings – A Self-Publishing Guide shows you how to get your manuscript into shape, ways of formatting, where to print and distribute, and much more. The editing, blurb, cover design and metadata are intrinsic parts of your marketing plan. Karen takes your hand and leads the way to self-publishing freedom and success.

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