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Are you after a professional who will go the extra mile to make your words flow like a river and sing like a bird?

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With over eleven years in proofreading and editing services, I edit novels, non-fiction, essays, theses, emails, websites and resumes. I hold a Diploma of Publishing (Professional Book Editing, Proofreading and Publishing). Find out more about me here.

I’m ready and waiting with my ‘red pen’ or (track changes!) so let me turn your text into a smooth-flowing, concise and grammatically correct masterpiece.

The million-dollar question! But don’t worry, I’m not that expensive! My rate is $70 per hour but it very much depends on the text as to how much I can achieve in that hour. I can usually edit around 1500 words in an hour. To get around this question, I will edit a sample (1000 words) of your manuscript for free. This gives me a way to give an accurate estimate and also shows you my editing style and if we are a good match.

This is another difficult question to answer. It depends on my availability and how long your manuscript is. Please give me a call and we can discuss where we are. Having said that, it’s wise to make contact a few weeks before you’ll be ready for an editor to guarantee my availability.

In short, there is structural or developmental editing, copy editing and proofreading. Let me point you to this blog post for more information on types of editing.

Yes, absolutely. We sign a contract which covers non-disclosure and confidentiality.

I edit in Microsoft Word using track changes and comments. I have an instruction page to help you navigate track changes if you are new to using it.

Absolutely! I have clients who I have been working with for several years on their projects.

Yes, phone, Zoom or even in person if you’re a Perthite!

I have edited both fiction and non-fiction. These include memoirs, spiritual stories literary fiction and even some children’s books. I have also edited many theses, essays, copy for websites, and educational resources.

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Books edited by Red Feather Publishing

Related by water - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing Karen Peradon
Related by Water
Marguerite Wetton

A novel of grief, becoming a grandparent and finding new love in mid/late life. This beautiful story is woven through the changing seasons in the garden of Francis, a widow with a growing and diverse family.

Karen Peradon-Alaga has been a delight to work with, from inception to publication of my work "Related By Water", an almost 600 page novel, published and written in 2023. Karen empowered me, encouraged my moments of doubt or fluctuation in storyline, to full confidence. Her editing ability was flawless. Her technical skill was exact. Her assertive advice in plot or editing was executed with gentle firmness to result in a piece of work that others have felt engaged by, or been affirmed by.
book editing services by Red Feather Publishing Karen Peradon
Dhawana – the story of a nature spirit
My name is Loes - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing Karen Peradon
My Name is Marie Louise but You Can Call Me Loes
Johan Janssen and Karen Peradon

A biography of the much-loved wife, mum and grandmother, Loes Janssen, through the eyes of friends and family.

Return trip to Moses - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing
Return Trip to Moses
Con Trails - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing
Con Trails
Bill Meeke

A fascinating autobiography of aviation expert, Bill Meeke.

I lost a lot of time getting started [in writing my memoir] because I couldn’t find anyone locally that could offer me the guidance I needed. Having met and dealt with Karen, I know that she would have quickly cleared the log jam for me. But without that help, I procrastinated for about 12-months before eventually starting my project and stumbling along. I would still be struggling without her assistance; I may even have given up.

Meet me at the well - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing
Meet me at the Well
Penelope Champ & Anthony Macleod

52 beautiful verses and images to strengthen and nourish a woman’s soul.

Hatma - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing

A spiritual journey into higher realms, offering wisdom and wonder at what waits on the other side, channelled by Atem.

Incredible Memories - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing
Incredible Memories
Anne John-Aitken

a memoir telling the amazing life of Perth local, Anne Aitken; a life lived in many exotic locations with adventure, creativity and family.

Love, Life & Tea - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing
Love, Life & Tea
Nirmala Drishti

A delightful story of the nameless Old Lady by Nirmila Drishti. Drinking tea by a campfire, she regales her listener with wild stories and wise words.

I am writing to say a huge thank you to you Karen and to let anyone who is requiring an editor know, that Karen Peradon was the main editor of my novel and I must say, she was extraordinary. She has the air of complete calm about her which made the process of publishing my book so much easier. Her editing skills fantastic and her correspondence and communication with me impeccable. I will definitely use her again and I can't highly recommend her enough. She is professional and authentic in her work and caring by nature.
Your Heart Maintenance - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing
Your Heart Maintenance
Dr Johan Janssen

A non-fiction book by renowned cardiologist, Johan Janssen, giving easy to understand information on all heart-related issues and how to best keep the heart in tip-top condition.

A Good Life - book editing services by Red Feather Publishing
A Good Life
Alan Mulgrew

This is a personal memoir by Alan Mulgrew, charting how he started his career as a farmworker to being CEO of huge complex businesses.

Karen had to ensure that the story remained focused, with selective input on where more or less detail was required. I was impressed how quickly she understood the theme of my book and cleverly structured photos and attachments to bring the experiences to life. Her turnaround time on reviews and the suggestions on selective content was always objectively detailed to allow me to make the final decision. My book content and presentation has ended up well beyond my initial expectations and this is largely due to Karen's tactful mentoring

Websites edited by Red Feather Publishing

Karen’s editing has been super helpful in my local Cockburnian business. Apparently there’s not a lot of editors or publishers locally so I'm lucky to have had her help. I love her calm, helpful demeanour and pretty impressed that she's a writer too. Thank you.

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Writing doesn’t come naturally to many people. Either the words never match the image in your head, or your writing comes out as a stream of consciousness, or perhaps the idea of learning grammar bores you to tears! You may have a burning desire to tell a certain story or a life lesson to teach or an idea to bring to life, but the writing part puts you off. Maybe you have already written it but you’re too scared to show anyone.

Besides, editing is expensive. Though the feedback editors give is priceless, it takes many hours for them to read through, edit and comment on a large body of text like a novel or a thesis, and that costs money.

This is where I can help you out. I’ve been an editor and writer for over 15 years, and I have just opened a Patreon page. For a monthly subscription of AU$49.99, I will edit up to 1500 of your words a month. This is perfect for chapters of a book, short stories, blog posts, articles, and even emails. Rather than paying a few thousand dollars for an edit, you can get your text done in bite-size chunks.